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Computrainer For Running by Denise
I was reading a review about a CompuTrainer, which for those of you who are not in the know, it is a high tech stationary training bicycle, that can or can not be rigged to the computer.The reasons you would want to rig it to the computer are the ...
Alcohol Consumption Studies - How accurate are they? by Denise
You know how in the newspaper every three days or so, unless there is a war going on somewhere, one of the main headlines will hail "New scientific study...." and then 3 days later there will be another headline about another New scientific ...

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Why do track runners run counter clockwise on a track? I don't opinions I want the actual history.
by Guest - 1 week ago
I actually ran a marathon aged 2 in 2 hours, so that beats ALL the records!!! SO THERE! HA HA!!
by #MadRunner - 1 week ago
mini stadium - 8 lane tartan track- 3 000 seater - $ 5 300 000 -00 . if in southern africa as all materials are imported from europe
by D. wright - 2 weeks ago
around $ 4 000 000-00
by D. wright - 2 weeks ago
8 lane track - 400m - will cost you around $4 000 000-00 only.
by D. wright - 2 weeks ago
What's this calculation based on?
by jade - 2 weeks ago

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