Re: Speed Work and Tapering
... e 8 x 800 : (Yasso's) and one 10 x 800 prior to the race. With my experience, I only : do one speed workout a week. Is a good speed workout 2 and a half weeks : out asking a little ...
Where to run at Disney World?
I am going to Disney World, FL in August. Where can I run a daily 8-12 miles? All the 'jogging paths' seem made just for what their title suggests, topping out at like 2 miles long. Can I run on the ...
by Newtron_Flux
A very long day: Great Floridian, 2002
'Maybe I ought to train for these things...' That was one thought that kept going through my mind after about 75 miles into the bike leg at the Great Floridian. The other was 'You know, maybe two ...
by Lindsey
New (overweight) treadmiller questions
A relatively short (5'8'), stocky/'big-boned' guy, I'm in my early-40s and, after having added a huge amount of weight and getting way out of shape in the past several years, have started reducing ...
by garynolan
Re: Donating Blood
... el bad quit a little early or go a little slower. Just like any other day - you have to adjust your workout to how you feel. ...
by brian.c
How many times has this happened to you?
I run from the campus gym weekdays at noon. This means that, in addition to textbooks, research folders, and papers to grade, I'm constantly lugging a gym bag back and forth from home to work. The ...
by rboschx
Re: S high
Yep that's it. At the end of a particularly good intense workout you feel you can run like the wind and never stop. No wonder we run.
by rboschx
Re: Speed work
I have run marathons and I have run a sub-5 mile... Given the option between a 12 week workout program to get ready for a sub-5, or a 20+ week plan to run a marathon, I'd take the marathon plan. As I ...
by hdram225
Re: Treadmill vs. road running comparision
I believe if a person does a 60 minute workout on a treadmill that it will be more intense than a 60 minute run outdoors. The treadmill can force a person to run faster else they will fall off. ...
by lakedawgs
Re: Hard runs before race-day?
... s stuff for a few days before the race and don't do anything the day before. It takes a while for a workout to actually get your ...
by sotiris13
Re: Marathon time prediction tool
I think the way it's supposed to work is that it may help confirm or deny whether your marathon goal is reasonable... So if you are shooting for 3.00 in a marathon, then you should try and run the ...
by Europan
OT - Injury Update
That is so awesome that you can workout now with out any pain! I'm really happy for you! :-D Cathy! whateva4eva ** 'I heard the best way to regenerate body heat is to crawl naked into a sleeping bag ...
by SkyInsight-Al
Internal problems while running
... this post, but I figure I might find a solution or two here. Basically, when I start doing a cardio workout (been running about 10-20 miles a week for ...
by qube
Re: Speed training
... can be quite valuable, but still nothing more than a way to rest your legs while getting a good CV workout. ...
by rbuning
Are You Ready To Jog With A Stroller?
... t ran solo when I had someone to look after the baby, and often times I was called back mid run, or workout to calm the screaming child.I have seen a lot of Jogging strollers, and was wondering how ...
by Denise

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