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Are You Ready To Joggle?
Did you know that there is a sport called Joggling? It obviously entails jogging an Juggling combined, and the participants of the sport do all kinds of competitions, including marathons! ...
by Denise
How Do You Run?
For a lot of runners, not for me though, being a fun runner, this marks the end the racing season, of marathons in particular, and a lot of runners are dealing with the vast and empty months of ...
by Denise
Visualizing Yourself Through a Run
I know that there are all sorts of little tricks to get you through the hard part of a run (or the hard part of life, for that matter)For example, having specific songs on your ipod, to cheer you on ...
by Denise
Claiming Your Life Back
Sometimes life can get the better of you and stress you out in every corner of your life in the most annoying ways.Stress can spread from one part of your life to the rest of it like a contagious ...
by Denise
I am just writing to know if anyone else has dealt with baker's cyst in their knees? I had one removed from my left knee, and now currently have another that has formed in the right knee, which I am ...
by running mama
Computrainer For Running
I was reading a review about a CompuTrainer, which for those of you who are not in the know, it is a high tech stationary training bicycle, that can or can not be rigged to the computer.The reasons ...
by Denise
Alcohol Consumption Studies - How accurate are they?
You know how in the newspaper every three days or so, unless there is a war going on somewhere, one of the main headlines will hail "New scientific study...." and then 3 days later there will be ...
by Denise
Advice for Running Safely in The Snow
running in the snow
Photo creative commons license I just ran into an interesting article about running in the snow (something we all know I don't do ;-)) but I thought I would share it anyway, it was written by ...
by Denise
Could This Be the Book For Me?
This seems to be the book for me! Its as if Coach Dean had me and my endless excuses in mind when he wrote this book. My only complaint is that there is very little on the Internet as far as ...
by Denise
Can You Overcome Your Winter Blahs?
Winter Is Coming
I am trying to imagine myself living in a cold climate, the kind that has snow more often than not, and trying to imagine myself being disciplined enough to actually get up and out and running in ...
by Denise
Are You Early Birds or Night Owls?
When do you run? do you have a set time of day every day (or two) that you set aside for running, or do you play it by ear never really committing to a specific time.Do you schedule your week ahead ...
by Denise
Training Inspiration
Today I got on the train as I do once a week to go to a meeting in the City. I get on the 0730 train so that I can make it to my meeting by 0800 or maybe just a little later.The train was ...
by Denise
Dreaming of Trail Running
So by now, you all know that I dream about running a whole lot more than I actually run ( I am trying out the whole - turning thoughts into reality thing :-)). As a matter of fact, through ...
by Denise
Dessert Running Shoe
Did you know that there were running shoes especially made for running in the desert that claim to be, and it seems are sand proof?Well now you know. There are shoes like this and according to Jeff ...
by Denise
Good Week Vs. Bad Week
I have just read a post by Runner Leana about her week in training, and I am green with envy.If I would try to sum up my week it would look a bit dismal and sad. Monday - full day at work with an ...
by Denise
A Call For All Running Moms
This is a call for all of you running mommas. The Marathon Mama needs you. She has quite her job in order to write a book on the growing "Force to be reckoned with" in here own words of running ...
by Denise
7 Ultra Marathons In & 7 Months. Could You?
king and daugher
Some people are inspiring both in the goals they set for themselves and the way the just get out there to accomplish their goals. Such is Marshal King a man on a mission. He has committed to ...
by Denise
Running Around
cold breath
photo How great is it to run in unknown territory and discover new cities while running.No, I wouldn't really suggest touring the world like that, jogging instead of walking city streets or ...
by Denise
The Mother of All Inspiration
I keep on writing this blog and reading others, looking for inspiration to start taking running with a degree of seriousness.I love running my fun runs, no pressure no speed no suffering, just nice ...
by Denise
Running With A Group
Those of you who have been reading my blog know that I am strictly a fun runner full of admiration for those runners who do serious long runs, training and competitions, for what ever reasons.Just ...
by Denise
All About Electrolytes
I read this interesting piece of information on Scott Dunlap's blog about electrolytes, "During exercise, the body loses fluids and sodium through sweating. This causes a decrease in blood volume, ...
by Denise
Making Lemons into Lemonaide
Training methods and techniques are really what is interesting in running to me.I am not talking so much about the professional athletes, but of the runners who run on their own steam and put ...
by Denise
What Keeps You Running?
Some people are multi talented. Bob Martin is one of them. He can write like a dream, make great woodwork and run. He has been having a hard time with running of late. This is from his latest post ...
by Denise
Are You Ready To Jog With A Stroller?
jogging stroller
I've been thinking lately of how Moms (dads as well) can keep up running and take their baby's with them. I never did, just ran solo when I had someone to look after the baby, and often times I was ...
by Denise
Take The Guesswork Out Of The Right Way To Breathe And Run
I'm sure everyone knows by now the need for regular breathing when you run, the question of the best way to breath while running is discussed by Heather Long in depth: When you're running, you ...
by copper
The Most Amazing Body Control.
I really need to thank coach Rick for this Video. He blogs on a Gymnast training site, and if he is amazed by the moves then I, a plain old runner - am certainly blown away. This is not ...
by Denise
Inspiring Your Children, How Do You Measure Up?
Geist Half Marathon Reading about school student competing in Geist Half Marathon I realized that we as people that run regularly have the ability to really inspire children to practice and make ...
by copper
Need to See the Half Full Cup? - Go For a Run!
happy girl running
Often I try to explain to non runners the emotional benefits of running. I have never managed to do this in a clear and concise way. How do you explain to someone who cant stand running the ...
by Denise
Imagine Yourself Winning a Marathon.
amby burfoot
Amby Burfoot, for those of you who don't know is the winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon, among others, a "Runners world" Editor and author. last week he celebrated 40 years of his Boston marathon ...
by Denise
Climb Aboard The Marathon
If you plan on running a marathon then you should know that it is not as simple mathematical problem as Jack is treating it. Well of course he is an expert and knows running but the idea that you can ...
by Denise
Some Health Tips
For people that run regularly it is important to make sure their feet are well taken care of. Suitable running shoes should be not too soft and not too worn out as this increase the chance of feet ...
by Denise
by Heena Hirji
by rbuning
by JohnBStone
by mathman
by Alexosar
by hdram225
by dfghdfbffd
by Linda2
by eva12

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