Hard runs before race-day?
Hi! I'm gonna run my first race on Saturday (10km) and am quite nervous and excited already. I plan to run the 10km in 43min (hopefully). I already ran 5km in 21min in a training run so I think I can ...
by moshulu
Muscle replenishment after long runs
I am ramping-up my miles in preparation for a fall marathon. I also mix in strength and cross training (at least 3 times per week). I am looking for suggestions on nutrition to replenish muscle ...
by efm1
I too am a former runner (25-30 miles/week 4-5 runs) who suffered what was ...
I too am a former runner (25-30 miles/week 4-5 runs) who suffered what was diagnosed with having high hamstring tendinopathy two years ago. I was treated with two cortisone injections one with ...
by Guest
Re: Chronic ischial bursitis
I was training for a half marathon when I begin to feel the pain in my butt after runs. It got progressively worse. I didn't run at all for the two weeks prior to the race and was able to finish with ...
by Vicki
Re: Old calf injuries HELP
I can't definitely say for sure yet because I haven't tried to increase my mileage much yet. I will say though that the calves do feel better. That daily stiffness and aches seems to be on teh ...
by BoilerTom90
Re: Where to run at Disney World?
It depends on where you are staying and whether you have a car. You can piece together runs over an hour looping around the internal resorts if you dodge parking lots and cross roads, etc. There is a ...
by saibot_2004
Re: Running Twice a Day ? A 45-year old
All of Jeff's comments are right on. I've found that doing some faster runs helps a lot to lose weight because it seems to increase your metabolism even after you've completed the run and for quite a ...
by RayRC
Avenir/Raleigh Deluxe Stroller - Advice Needed
I've read most of the literature regarding jogging strollers including the posted FAQ. I'm aware that the Baby Jogger brand is the standard bearer, and a variety of other brands rate highly as well. ...
by brian.c
What to wear in NYC marathon
... on site stated that the avg. temperature will be around 11 C. I like wearing shorts. But after long runs it somewhats starts to ...
by stevo_jimmy
Re: Young person that ran Marathon under 4 minutes,has this happened recently
4 minutes? There must be some mistake. No one runs 42 kilometers in 4 minutes.
by jade
Controlling Your State of Mind
Hi, I curious if some of you had the same experience as I had. On the days I ran my PRs (quite of few lately) I noticed I had a certain state of mind. Running was easy and pain that was normally ...
by sotiris13
Preparing for a 5k run
That's very approximate (-; You may do better on the race, but it's always a good idea to try to start slow. It's easy to end up going faster than you think, the race setting tends to make you run ...
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Re: Exercise-Induced Tourettes
I did the old 'self talk' to myself during all my races and long runs. Usually it's 'Head up, relax the shoulders, smooth form, quiet feet, spin up the hill' or what ever seems appropriate at the ...
Donating Blood
Anyone out there know the effects on running and training of donating blood? Do you need to lay off for a few days after the donation, or can you continue to do normal training runs? Etc.
by Lambdalana
Re: Mental deterioration at 18 miles
Bizarre story, but I can relate. For a few weeks now, my long runs have reached 26-27K (16-17miles) and I felt like that in the last couple of Ks (after 2hrs on the road). I don't recall this being ...
by eva12
Re: Good Run in Heavy Rain
... sons why people don't like rain. First of all, you'll run the risk of undercooling. While for short runs this isn't much of a risk, for longer runs (2 hours and longer) this might but harmful indeed. ...
by moshulu
Re: My 1st 5K (long report of a short race)
Yes, this is what will happen. I actually tapered off a little last week because of weather and sick kids at home, and will do so even more this week, partly because that's what I planned, and partly ...
by arly2380
How Do You Run?
Hi Denise,Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. I think my question on the subject was a little different than what you are suggesting but that's okay. Writing as a form of art is ...
by The Laminator
Re: March 25 Hamilton - Around The Bay 30k
Thanks for the info, Bernard. If you do not mind paying a little extra, the Sheraton here is about 400m from the start and 100m from the finish. The Holiday Inn is also fine, and about the same ...
by lajaboy
Re: No phone no light no mileage markers
Begin Quote Not only did the race not have mileage markers, but the water at the water stops wasn't very cold either. It was like they didn't have any ice. End Quote I don't think I can remember of a ...
by army_doc7037203
Re: Carrying a drink while running?
I still don't understand why people can't just stop along the route for a drink. On almost every route there is a drinking fountain, school, hospital, garden hose, something that you can drink from ...
by Jim Davis
Re: Software compatible with GArmon Forerunner
How about, i have been looking around for something decent to map my runs and it gives as well the overview per week, month etc.... have fun dj
by didierd67
Help! Ive been down for 6 months
As in an earlier post, I too have a question about building back mileage. I ran my last marathon November 2000 and due to an unexpected move, the longest run that I have really been on since was ...
by duck168
Re: Exercise induced asthma?
Great advice from both John and Phil, and I wanted to add more support to those views. Follow their advice, particularly: Investigate the use of a steroidal inhaler as a regular preventative - with ...
by garynolan
Need help for mile, please.
I was wondering if anyone could help out. I am 22 years old, started running again three days ago. I used to run track in junior high. I ran a 5:45 mile on my last run. My mile time in junior high ...
by Sailor
Polar S610 and Coach comparison (long)
For those of you who might be interested this is a comparison of the Polar Coach and the Polar S610. I've been using the S610 for about a month now and the Coach for over a year. Previously I've used ...
by TerraScoulio
Re: Flood Damaged run
Well it could also be a psychological thing. (yeah, so I'm not ready to agree about the significance of the weight of a shoe...) If you believe their going to shave time off your races, then perhaps ...
by qube
Re: My first race report - longer than the race itself :-)
... on a race well done, Charlie. It's amazing how much faster you run a race than you do your training runs, eh? I ended up running my first 5km 5 minutes faster than my goal time. Shocking, but it was ...
by terapsnips
Short race and training summary.
Goal: 3:10 Result: 3:12.14 (PB) I felt great during first 20 km, and reached half-point in 1:33.30. After that I had to slow down a bit, but I still was a minute ahead of my goal time at 37km. Last ...
by jillsandr
Best Run Ever !
Boy, Monday night was something else. After work I headed out on my weekly long run. I'm gradually working up to about 2 hours, in preparation for a half marathon in spring. I'm now at the 1:35 ...
by Baradaf
Re: How to race 5k?
... I read about your 4:04! If it works for you, then why not? Give it a try. I always start all my AT runs this way, 'giving in' to 2/2 somewhere around the mile - 2k mark. IMO it's a bad sign if you ...
by TerraScoulio
Any Tucson area runners?
I'll be vacationing in Tucson from November 1st through December 9th, running in the Tucson Half Marathon on December 8th. I'm renting a condo near Ventana Canyon, on Canyon Crest Drive at the north ...
by Baradaf
Re: Very Frustrating ITB - Or Something Similar?
... uthors of that article, Len DeBenedictis (not that you should necessarily have that same faith). He runs a ...
by skylover25
Re: Beginner to run 5 miles
do you exercise other sports? did you exercise other sports? (when, achievements?) are you overweight?(howmuch) how far can you run? have you ever ran? as a complete 24yo beginner with no real ...
by garynolan
Re: **FAO Roger2k** RE: Sub 21 Minute 5K today
I'm certainly not a good example. I started running in June 1999 when I was 43 and my leg were sore for months after that. I ran my first 5k in October of that year and these were the splits I ...
by ppreddy
And the Old Man Died
The old man poked his head out the front door to be sure that the coast was clear. He was about to do something drastic, and he preferred to have no witnesses. Perhaps, he was a little embarrassed ...
by skylover25
Re: Internal problems while running
At least you have the 'runner's ****' and not the '****'s runs'. Train yourself to have a bm at a certain, convenient, time each day. Then run after it. Eat more high fiber food.
by Thumper
Shoe Recommendations Please
Try Mizuno Wave Creations if you have high(ish) arches, are over 180 lbs (82 kg), and don't overpronate too badly. I have used Asics Gel Cumulus, Reebok Storm DMX, New Balance 726's, and the ...
by lakedawgs
Log software
hello, I'm a newbie and I would like to find a good log software for my daily runs. Can u help me. Thanks
by RayRC
Elevation change for marathon
I'm training for my first marathon. I found one that is perfect for the time of year it is in relation to my training (it's this fall)and also I have family in that area, so it's a perfect one to ...
by veronika

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