Pain on inner side of right knee
I wonder if anyone can give advice (or sources of advice) about an injury I've picked up. I dont' run much (about 6-8 miles a week) and I play(ed) squash maybe twice a month. About 10 weeks ago I ...
by Verushca
Help...Knee Pain...Cant Run
Anyone know of a knee condition that affects in inner side of the knee? My pain isn't the result of an injury, more like something gave on the outer side of the knee (felt like ITBS at first) during ...
by Alexosar
Question about Knee Tendenitis
What is the best cure for this besides anti-inflammatories?
by ppreddy
Knee Surgery- Menicscus Experiences for Comparison
I had a medial Meniscus tear trimmed and shaped three months ago. Problem was the surgery got infected and the Surgeon had to go back in two weeks later and clean up the damage. I spent three days in ...
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Fluid in knee?
I once got my R knee crushed by a forklift and there was quite a bit of fluid in the muscle just above my knee, frontside. A month or three after the accident I had the knee drained by a MD. But now, ...
by Baradaf
Knee/leg injury
What sort of knee injury might the following be? I'm not a runner but am an inline skater and a bicyclist. This past April I made the mistake of running a few times on one of
by Linda2
Runners knee and massage
Has anyone tried massage (of the quads and hamstrings) as a treatment for chronic Runner's knee? If so, was it successful? Thanks
by mathman
Dull pain above the knee on the inside?
Geoff, I have what might be the same thing. It is definitely in the quad muscle section that is toward the inside of my leg. It bothers me somewhat when I run but a lot when I play tennis. I have had ...
by RayRC
If u have tendonitis in your knee do u need crutches
if u have tendonitis in your knee do u need crutches
by Guest
Knee accident
Had accident at work 3 years ago and i have to go to court.I am trying to understand medical prognosis and in it it states that amoung other problems i have 3rd degree chondropathia on the medial ...
by kev
Re: Chronic ischial bursitis
I'm 34 and an on/off runner, yoga junky and biker. I began having severe pain while sitting in Spring 2008 after beginning to train hard for a half marathon, working long hours at my desk in a bad ...
by Ann W
Re: Chondropathia patellae - any chance to go for marathon distance?
... een telling me to do leg raises to strengthen my quads, but leg raises aggravate the problem and my knee hurts. Going up and down stairs or hils is a problem ...
by John
Re: Old calf injuries HELP
Alexandra, First, you're not too old for sports, especially running. Your story sounds similar to mine. What worked for me was finding a practioner that does ART, and a combination of Ultrasound ...
by BoilerTom90
Re: Heel Wear
Tom, When I first started playing with ball/heel, it was a hundred yards focus and back to just running. What was most helpful for me was running slowly, 10 minute mile or slower and practicing ...
by Lindsey
Re: Pain vs. Injury
like this: if you think you broke something. replying into muscle tears. !.First size of muscles in body big to small Legs (butt) Back chest shoulders calfs abbs arms Try to evan out. in 4 part if ...
by brian.c
Re: Shin Splints?
Have an experienced coach analyze her gate pattern when she is running. Shin splints have many causes, overuse injury is the most comon reason, BUT this overuse can be due to her running gate ...
by salafanil
Good Run in Heavy Rain
There was a light drizzle, and thunder way off in the distance as I walked out the door for a light run early this evening. I went back to put on a hooded windbreaker. As I descended the wooden steps ...
by duck168
Re: Race Report - Wendys Strawberry Run 5k
... rk at 10Am. I work down the street! I too had at PR 21:57 and that was running with a cold and sore knee! Hope to meet ...
by Jim Davis
Re: From heel to foefoot running ?
... switched from heel striking to running on the balls of my feet about a year ago. My shinsplints and knee problems disappeared with the change in running style. Unfortunately now I have problems with ...
by dgatlin
Re: A pain in the butt
Great advice!! I had 'ps' last year from sprinting to hand off waterbottles of all things. It was the most painful injury I've ever had. It was very painful going from sitting to standing and vice ...
by TerraScoulio
Very Frustrating ITB - Or Something Similar?
I haven't been lurking here the last 7 weeks (but who is counting). The pain I've been dealing with since last September got to the point I had to stop running. It wasn't getting better. So the last ...
by saibot_2004
I have been training for the London Marathan and have recently experienced ...
I have been training for the London Marathan and have recently experienced pain in my knee. My dr believes it is patella dsyfunction. Should I still run?
by Guest
Re: HAT 50, finished
Hey Robert, congratulations! I finished the HAT too, but it took me a little over 6.5 hours. I'm not complaining though. I did nearly everything wrong and shouldn't have been able to finish the first ...
by Alexosar
Chondropathia geni sin
Hi everyone, I am having quite often pains on my left knee. I have visited the orthopaedist and he says that my diagnose is chondropathia geni sin. Could anyone advice/explain in short words how ...
by Tony
I am 43 years old. I developed knee pain while running - one ortho diagnosed it as a Grade 1 meniscus tear while the other felt it is an IT Band friction syndrome. I have reduce my outdoor activity ...
by skaeley
Starting running again
... 5 minutes from me)? Would be nice if I could get some access to hurdles too? I injured my knee playing volleyball ...
by brian.c
Re: Tender Leg
hi jack I'm sure there a link somewhere I well get back with you. one time a guy was stuck in ditch in front of house and 2 friends helping?so offering we tried to get his car out... undo to my ...
by duck168
Re: Breathing Question
'Ozzie Gontang' replied: OK, so in the interests of efficiency, form and probably injury reduction, 'don't collide with the ground'. This is like the rowing idea of a clean catch. The energy of the ...
by duck168
I am just writing to know if anyone else has dealt with baker's cyst in their knees? I had one removed from my left knee, and now currently have another that has formed in the right knee, which I am ...
by running mama

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